Commercial Kitchen
Deep Cleaning

Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning also referred to as a Kitchen Detail is the process of removing any and all grease particles.

Is a Kitchen Detail going to make my kitchen new?

Your kitchen equipment will only be new once but we can remove the grease buildup to make it a clean and hygienic working environment. Those airborne grease blobs are stubborn and stick to every service of your kitchen and can be a huge problem to remove without expert know how and the correct tools. This is where we can help. When would I require a kitchen detail? This is the type of service you would do when you are trying to pass health inspection, taking over a heavily neglected commercial kitchen or when you are simply trying to press the reset button on your kitchen and bring it as close to bare metal as can be achieved. Under this service we clean all stainless steel surfaces and equipment as well as all kitchen tile and grout (some exceptions may apply). In the instance of a Kitchen Detail, we would have an Inspector come out to give you a free estimate and tailor your Kitchen Detail to the specific items and areas of your kitchen that you want cleaned.
Let us press the reset button on your kitchen and bring at close to bare metal as is humanly possible! Your customers will notice and so will the health inspector.

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