Hood cleaning is governed in the National Fire Code NFPA 96. Grease Magic, LLC. Is in compliance with NFPA 96 and all cleanings are done to it written standard.

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning, commonly called Hood Cleaning is a scraping/degreasing process that covers the following areas of you system: Exhaust fan (usually located on the roof of your establishment) or in some cases a pollution control unit, all accessible duct work leading to the hood, then the hood located above the cooking area and a courtesy wipe down and polishing of your stainless steel back wall* down to the kitchen equipment.

A report detailing any observable issues, damages or deficiencies will be sent to the customer most typically within 24-48 hours of the service. All before and after photos are available upon request by the customer. *The back wall is wiped down with a commercial degreaser however heavy neglect from the customer resulting in thick stuck-on grease will not be addressed except in cases where a kitchen deep cleaning (kitchen detail) has been paid for.


When you’re cooking there are small particles of oil that become airborne and stick to surfaces in your cooking area. You will notice them on the cooking equipment, back wall, etc. This grease builds up in your exhaust system, duct walls, inside the hood, the filters and the fan pulling air through the system. If this build up in your system is not removed by a qualified technician then it will quickly increase fire risk as the grease continues to build. That is why we specialize in removing this grease and certifying so to keep you, your customers and your property safe from fire and damages.

Others common hassles of not cleaning your exhaust system are poor circulation in your kitchen as the grease builds up on the fan this can give you poor air suction and make the kitchen hot or even smokey which can make for a very uncomfortable working environment. Additionally without proper ventilation those particles are remaining in your kitchen and effecting the quality or the food you are serving to your patrons.

Remember that your exhaust system in a piece of machinery and just like any machine that is running 24 hours a day it will require occasional maintenance and TLC. One aspect of that is it’s proper cleaning or it will not last as long.

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Here are several photos of what your system looks like when there is grease build up. This grease manifests in all different colors and consistencies.